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If you have the smallest degree of musical familiarity you can tell, given the quality of the promotional material provided in this straight forward, upfront website, that these two extraordinary musicians have been playing together for a number of years; as of this writing 20 amazing years to be exact.

Each has had a prolific and varied experience with music starting in early childhood. Lily DeLois trained on the piano and showing a competence that belied her age began working at Motown Recording Company about the same time that on the other side of the Atlantic Steve Brotherman - having far out-earned his father through a childhood prodigy on the violin to a spot as guitarist with the orchestra playing regularly on Hungarian National Television - began to feel the pull of the road starting a journey that would take him from his native Budapest to the farther reaches of the European continent; France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands. It would be many more years before Lily who had stayed close to her Detroit roots teaching and working as church organist and director of choirs moved to New York to study vocal performance with the genius Ann Marie Moss of the Manhattan School of Music, a move that would culminate in her voice rather than the piano becoming her forte.

After an audition that pitted 25 pianists against each other for a few coveted spots on the international stage Lily found herself in Gothenburg, Sweden. From that beginning she has been fortunate to make friends and fans in 30 different countries. Somewhere in the middle of this amazing number she met the bassist Steve Brotherman who had played with one band and then the next for decades, a life experience that has given him an admirable diversity on his instrument as well as a close kinship to excellence. Steve Brotherman who was vital to the booming Munich recording industry in close contact with famous music producers, artists and sound engineers, one of the musicians who made the sounds that we listen to today was finally to meet his soul mate, an association that would change both of their lives.

If you have the good luck to enjoy listening to these two dedicated artists they will show you what it’s all about from Bach to Boogie. I am a witness. They put their heart and soul into everything they do on any day of the week.

Pay attention: always go with the best and no mistake. If you are in possession of any amount of musical know-how and you take the Lily DeLois – Steve Brotherman Project on board, you will find out how it feels to back a winner.